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Chas Kiss My letter to the Tunnel Rats on hearing that I would be joining the Vegas Meeting....
My wonderful friends from the Tunnel of Love at Chathouse all got together and collected unbeknown to me at the time, the airfare for me to fly from Sydney Australia to America so I could meet many of them

Chastity's account of her US Trip

To The Tunnel Rats my, what do I say? Thank you from the bottom of my heart just seems so lame, like it is not enough to show you all what emotion and gratitude that I am feeling for you wonderful people.

So Here I sit, in tears, (The hard nosed bitch from the tunnel *L*) trying to make you all realize what heart strings you have tugged on with this girl from Sydney one, not ever ...has done anything like this for me, as if your friendship and the time we spend with each other is not enough...this, this is just too unbelievable.

For what its worth, it is the only joyous event to happen for me in such a long long be honest ....apart from the day that I got my husband to get out of my life (well in sorts, he is still managing to inflict suffering on me *S*) this is the ultimate pleasure I have felt in such a long long time, and you Rats are responsible for it all.

Things here have been rather bleak, and I admit...I am rock bottom at the moment, but you all (y'all Missie!) have given me that nudge back to hang on in there and take on the world. As fiesty as I seem most of the time....every now & then I get to the stage of why bother....all of you are a good reason to try and grab this shitty world by the balls and try again to get on top of things, so they can disconnect me, I can count my pennies and have the powers that be against me....but my friendships and those close to me will always be there in my heart an if they attempt to take them...then they will have to rip my heart from me.

I dont know if you know or not...but a very large portion of my life revolves around you all, and to think that such wonderful friendships can be made with this mode of communication still blows me away! I truely hope I get to meet you all....I know some of you will not be in Vegas...But...I hope we can still try to manage to connect up somewhere whilst I am there....You all know it has been my dream to meet the Rats who I spend most of my home time people I have laughed with, at *S*, cried with and just been a plain fool in front of...shit! I cant stop crying!

Damn know I have a tough reputation to uphold ...what will people think!? I would give you people the world if it was mine to give...but all I can give you is my friendship and my thanks (it sounds so little ) But my heart is so filled with love and gratitude, and you can not begin to know how badly I needed to know that not all the odds are against me at this time in my life...the day I found out what you had done for me was also the day I was given notice I might be kicked of of my house...a day of extreme emotions....*L* I am somehow managing to sort the shit out here but please realize that this gesture you have made is the thing that is dragging me out from under the shit heap....and purpose to fight to survive yet another day!

So my thanks are deeper than you may think....I think if I am still crying like this when I get there water-proof clothing may be in order! *S* So bring extra tissues along..I'll buy some waterproof mascara!

Those of you that can not be in Vegas, Can you let Missie know (Seeing as I am still not back on line *blush*) and I'll see what I can organise...I'd hate to think that I am so close & miss meeting any of you Rats.I think I'll be mostly on the East coast, So much to organise! *L* Gee...I have never travelled overseas ALL BY MYSELF! Just incase I get there any rats in Tibet?? I mean just incase I get the wrong flight and end up in some remote country .....think the monks would get a blast out of meeting Chastity? *L*

Well...I hope to be online as soon as possible...I just needed to let you all know...Thank you...thank you so very very much for making this happen and for the all the other things you have already given me, a sense of belonging, friendship, trust, and your love,(oh nose & leaky eyes *L*) and a boost of strength to kick arse.

I cherish you are the finest people I know, & I have yet to meet! *S*

My love,my tears of joy that I cry, best wishes & thanks

Chastity! *S*

Chastity Belt Productions 1997

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