Chasitity Belts It Out
Well I am bitchin about it anyway !


Some of my Bitchin Friends and Acquaintances

Definition of the word Bitch, as seen on a bumper sticker...

Charming ....
Horney!! ..(...
but not for you dork!

Lady Sapphire..always late for her bitch classes with me...but managed to pass with flying colors
*susan...she is still taking notes...and is starting to learn the art of ruthlessness, has sassiness down pat though
Missie...well ..not exactly a bitch...but my favorite Slag!
Lebe and bitches in waiting
Cajuncutie...much to her hubby's dismay *L*
Scraggety Anne...This raggin doll has a way about her
Sandy...come on girl..I know you have it in you .....You get my Encouragment Award...

My proudest protege's would have to be my daughter S@ndwitch and Be@uty the daughter of Sandy and my adopted niece, you two do me proud girls! Cant wait to see how you will turn out after you are all grown up! *s*

My Bitchy Idols...

There are some women that are born Natural Bitches and sass pots...some that come to mind are...Peggy Bundy, Roseanne, The women of Absolutely Fabulous, Leorna Bobbit, Kathy Bates in Misery, Bette Midler, Courtney Love, Sophie Tucker...please inform me of others that cut the grade...

Bitchy comments... still to come...and that wasnt meant as a bitchy comment to a lover either *L*

Things that bring my bitchiness to the boil....

People who delve in self mothers in of ex mothers in who suck who demand respect and dont give who cant see the other persons point of view, no one says we have to with domestic deafness and


Girls..know of an arsehole who has crossed you or is a bastard?? Send me a pic of the offender, and make them the "Pic of the Week ".....mail them in girls...but keep the picture to a minimum size...or I'll be mailing you back BITCHIN at you ....add some comments as what you would like to see done to him...and the reasons why he is scum...I'll get the ball rolling here with my weeks get revenge and send them in you up to your names....and it doesnt HAVE to be a guy...can be anyone who has caused you to BITCH ...mother in laws...sisters, the hag next door, ex lovers, exfriends that took your lover...hell we can do a group pic...entire families...Just keep the pic to minimum file size and email it through with a comment so we all know what the offender is guilty of....Then choose the catagory that you want to use from the list below......
Singe a Whinge... Tease a Sleaze...Splat a Brat ...Bag a Slag...Spank a Wank...Fire a Liar...Nurd a Turd...Welder an Elder...Can a Man...Slander a Philander...Slay~a Betrayer...Squeaky Clean a Stuck up Teen...Lag on a Slag...

NB...This segment is done in jest....and if the person appearing cant take a joke or what they may deserve...well tough titty' deserved to be bitched at!


Chas's Pic Of the Week

Drown The Clown

Ex Husband Number Two
Looks normal..well sort of...*S*
Never thought I'd leave..Ha!
Well kiss my tush goodbye dude!
Thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread

Crime: Harassment
Lateness of Child Support
13yrs of Misery
Creating obsticles and hardships
Thinks Highly of long as it is him
But as reality has it...he is a clown....

I know what your all asking..hey!!?? Was Chas married to the Clown in It?? Is that Pennywise?Well Stephen King only wishes...and so do I! *EG*

How to say Bitch in other languages..hey ...its good to be informed!Dont want to miss a compliment do we girls!??? (under Construction)


Email me some of your bitchy gripes or stories..and I maybe able to add them here....this page is for us girls!


And as I often say ...

Life's a Bitch.......
and I am
Bigger than Life!


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NB: All words on this page are just because...Bitches can do and say what they if you think we should apoligise for anything offensive on theses pages...please feel free to sit here and wait for someone to come along and do so...don't go anywhere else..just wait...have a seat , relax....think of what you want to say...I am sure it will be wonderous and informative to someone who is as small minded as you are..hell there has to be someone else out there as Glum and Dumb as you are..they say we all have a double somewhere SIT QUIETLY AND DAMN WELL WAIT!

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