Chastity Belts It Out
Well I am bitchin about it anyway !

Bitch Supplies

Why am I a Bitch?? Well...I must be...these are the things that surround me in my everyday life...


A gift from Greggles, my Bitch patch! (be nice now...*L*)

My animated gif..made for me by Aliaz...

My Meredith Brooks Tape and CD..
the tape was given to me in NY from Missie, the CD sent to me by *susan ..
one for the car ..on for the stereo at home! *S*
..and Greggles bought me the Australian
release that is different again..

Psycho Bitch from Hell Badge...from my daughters friend Sarah! *S*

My bitch Mug...others Have since been broken by some bitch! *S*

Car Stickers...

This one from My Daughter


Pamela Stephenson's How to Be a Complete Bitch if I needed a book! *S*

Other bitch badges I have collected

Hard Arsed Bitch badge from Cammy

My Keyring from Be@uty. .my favorite niece on the Net..


From Classy (my mum in the US and my little sister) merci..the brat!

My T-Shirt from *susan..

one I have just laying around the house

My official Bitch Licence from Greggles

and he should know seeing as I broke his nose...what a day to remember..Sat 7th Sept, 1997


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NB: All words on this page are just because...Bitches can do and say what they if you think we should apoligise for anything offensive on theses pages...please feel free to sit here and wait for someone to come along and do so...don't go anywhere else..just wait...have a seat , relax....think of what you want to say...I am sure it will be wonderous and informative to someone who is as small minded as you are..hell there has to be someone else out there as Glum and Dumb as you are..they say we all have a double somewhere SIT QUIETLY AND DAMN WELL WAIT!