Chastity Belts It Out

Son's of Bitch's

Living life as the Bitch's loved ones has its excitment
and makes life never ever dull

  This is The case of Belt Boys #385 and recorded court files and Chassie's punishment on Monday 28th September, 1998.

The Crime: The contents of Shayne's School folder was found over the bedroom floor out of its plastic covering.

The Accused: The two youngest Belt Children, Matthew aged 9 and Shayne aged 8years old.
Resident Judge, Jury, and Prosecutor The Right Royal Bitch Chastity Belt

The Scenario: Shayne reported the incident to me. Inquiries were made to both concerned parties ( Shayne and Matthew Belt Jnr), both denying that they were the guilty party, past experience also that they will set each other up if the urge takes them.

The Clues & Evidence: After an extensive day of bickering and disputes between Shayne & Matthew, the word and honour of both parties was debatable and not too rock solid from previous
experiences of this nature.

The Course of Pursuing the Truth: In a determine manner and headstrong to find out the truth, I knew that the lesson of being honest and truthful needed to be pursued and sought, the meaning of honesty be bought to the fore. Seeing as this was a minor crime, the means to the answers was set and the wheels of justice where set in motion.

Both parties were to stand within close vicinity of me, facing each other and holding hands so they were inseparatable, and made to face the guilty one, (whom ever that was of the two of them). Visits the the bathroom was allowed, BUT only while holding one hand of the other suspect. The suspects were informed that while this crime at hand was unsolved, they would remain attached to
each other and if need be, sleeping , bathing, etc., and would be duct taped together for the duration of the time needed for the guilty one to confess.

A few moments of scuffling and attempts to hurt the other were made, the strain was getting to them, wearing them down, the innocent one frustrated over being there unwarranted, the guilty
one wanting to pace like a trapped wild beast! The hours were starting to tick away...and with each 30 minutes was a day with out television or....the SONY PLAY STATION!!!

As time was passing on like the sands in the hour glass (a few times over )it was not looking as any change in the situation was going to was time to take action of a different nature.

The token girl child at that stage reported that we were in need of extra milk to get us through to the next morning, that's when Plan B was born.
Seeing as I had already informed the two suspects that they were to remain attached until truth be spoken...they were informed of our unscheduled trip to the Supermarket, the corner store would have surficed, but this was a perfect opportunity to push ahead with the investigations. They took the news of this trip with a grimace , yet dealt with the news well.....until I was to meantion that they were to attend this field trip with their hair in high ponytails, and the choice of pink or baby blue hair ties was offered.

The Break Point: Yes! I had found the weak link....big baby blue eyes were now swimming with pent up tears...holding back to see if this was yet a serious exercise I had stated. Whilst brushing and grooming the boys hair, the topic of what is a lie, what is the truth was discussed...tear filled eyes were starting to over spill the horror that I was serious in my suggestions, and as I did each boys hair in ponytails (Matt's with that curl over the eye look, very chic! and Shayne's with that Pebbles/BammBamm look,) I told each child to look into the face of their brother, into his eyes and KNOW that he was willing to let the other suffer this ridicule to try and save himself from being honest about something so trivial as the crime committed, with the probable punishment only being told to replace the paperwork back into the folder and be more careful in future with others belongings. This is what their own flesh and
blood would let them endure over a small incident like it was...THIS TIME.

The Levee Broke....the tears spilled....and one of the brothers had his ponytail removed, whilst the other (still in ponytail) was made to apologize and recite to the other his apologies and what it was exactly he had done to one of his siblings. The innocent one stated he forgave his brother and wanted a hug from him (what a little soldier he is, and was rewarded with a HUGE bar of chocolate when shopping, and is willing to share with the one
that put him through the hours of torture.

So all is again calm in the
Casa Da Belt.....well for this hour anyway.... I am keeping the hair baubles and nail polish handy for the rest of the week, just in case...

This story DOES Have a moral......Some punishments CAN have its side effects...but don't I have such pretty boys , Just wish they would buy their own makeup!? *LMAO*

Scares me to think my clothes are small enough to fit them though *L*

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