Chastity Belt's It Out  

What Happens When You Buy Cheap Accessories

(In other words......faulty Chastity Belts!!)

Meet my much as they drive me insane, I love these dudes to pieces...and would move overseas in a flash to get away from them! When they do what they should , their own Homepages will be linked from here!Yep...bribery in it's truest form *L* 

Kirsten is my best buddy and partner in crime..she is 16 , Brad is 12, Matthew is 8 and Shayne well he is privilaged to be here on planet earth like his other 2 brothers! he is 7.

And those of you who know me wonder why I am totally insane!! 

Kirsten has her own Homepage, and the boy's pages will be done shortly

THE BEEJ"" aka..... ~Brad~

"MATTA-CHUBA" aka......~Matthew~

"LUMPYBOY" aka........~Shayne~

"BLONDIE" aka........ ~Kirsten~

Once.....When I have these dudes linked can be assured their pages will be packed with a lot of their most embarressing moments...oooh mother's Revenge is sooo Children of WARNED, what ever you say & do WILL be used against you for the world to see...what a MEGA SNITCH....You four know you can leave it to me to come up with unique punishments...hey ! Maybe I should have a punishment suggestions page ..let the world decide your fate! *evil laugh* Go on....Dare me...say " would never do it"...dare ya! *LMAO*


Back to Chas !

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