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Chas and S@ndwitch (her daughter also known as Belt Buckle), present:


How to lose weight the FUN way.......lose inches off your arse (ass) by reading ahead and.....ROTFLYAO, (Rolling On The Floor Laughing Your Arse Off.)

Watch out in your local store for the video release...the entire exercise range will be launched in the New Year!!!

The Belly Buster Jokes...tighten that GUT!

The Inner Thigh Slimmer........lose that fat!!

The Upper Torso Ticklers...........Tit for Tat !!


If you are : Blonde, Ethnic, Male, Animal lover, Religious, Homosexual, a Senior Citizen, Female or just someone who deserves to be picked on.......we are sure you will find a joke that applies to you or someone you know.

We are still working on this page ....but email us any thing you wish to contribute and.....Sign our damn guestbook!

Offensive Juvenille Jokes

Musician Jokes

Senior Citizen Jokes

Indecent Religious Jokes

Revolting Racial & Ethnic Jokes

Disability & Medical Jokes

Appalling Animal Jokes

Raunchy Sex Jokes

Mother /Father /Brother/ Sister Jokes

We have no heading for these Jokes

Visit these pages as well...but hey...not till your finished with ours!!

Yo Momma.....A great page ...you should enjoy!

Hundreds of Blonde jokes!!



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