"Have yourself

a Chassie Kinda


I can't take credit for the above animation but it was too cute not to add to the page


The following pages are, of sort, a Xmas theme to the best that I can manage with my feelings towards the Jolly season.

Although light hearted , and definately NOT for the weak of heart, the intent of the pages are meant in fun, and to maybe put a smirk on your face as you begrudgingly spend your last dollar ( refer international exchange rates) on that last have to get christmas gift, so instead of in the Spirit of Xmas, experience a little Spirit of Chassie.

It's sure to be a bumpy ride through these pages, but I am sure you can handle it all.....and look at it this way, it doesn't cost you anything except for a little loss of normality *S*

Do know I wish you and yours all the best of the season and have a safe and happy holiday break ( if that entails necks of children home on vacations, so be it! Ho Ho Ho *LOL* )

So with out further adoui, lets be on with it,....


Enter the Silly Season here

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