Winter Wonderland

Register rings ...are you listening
In your eyes, tears are glistening
Insufficient funds, money won't come
Walking into unfinancial Land

Gone away, is Visa credit,
here to stay is a debit.
tell the bank its not right
they put up a fight,
Walking into unfinancial Land

we'll have to busk to get ourselves some money
If the bank will not give us a loan
we'll guzzle alcohol all day and night babe
it'll be just like an average night at home

Later on we'll consider,
to phone Uncle Peter
we'll ask the big lard
to send some cash in his card
Walking into unfinancial Land

The cupboards are empty,
we have, not a cent-y
we can't afford clothes
we all have blue toes
Walking into unfinancial Land

The dog, tastes like chicken
And we're still finger lickin
The kids should taste nice
with a pinch of spice
Walking into unfinancial Land

In the morning we'll go rob the drugstore
they'll show our faces on a newsupdate
Grandma Flo will see us, and she'll cark it
then we'll inherite all of her estate

skipping bail is so thrilling,
cos we, have a million...
dollars to spend, on plastic surgeons
Walking into unfinancial Land

Your last dollars gone as you shop along
Walking into unfinancial land



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