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The Internet is a wonderful tool for bringing people together for many reasons, I am hoping it can be used in this instance to assist and, who knows...maybe do something of a small miracle for an innocent baby please even if you cant offer any advise..feel free to leave a note in the guestbook or maybe a small pic for Christopher to enjoy...a link to this page will help as well...the more coverage we can get for him..the better his chances are. Thanks


Christopher is a beautiful two year old boy who has an illness which no doctor in this area can diagnose. At age 18 months the doctors realized that he hadn't grown any, he was still the size of a six month old baby. They called this "Bone Age."Bone Age refers to the test done to determine the childs age as compared
to the normal bone density. His mother was told by doctors that his bones probably wouldn't grow, but his organs would, and this could cause an early death.The doctors have said that Christopher has grown 2 1/4 inches since he was 9 months old, is mentally retarded, but no other diagnosis is known.

Christopher's Symptons

1.His right leg is 1 inch longer than his left leg.
2. He is 2 years old, and weighs 20 to 24 pounds.
3. He doesn't talk, but he does make sounds. He is learning sign language and doing very well with it.
4. Eye sight....+3 left eye +2 right eye
5. Lazy eyes...seems to take turns
6. Heart murmer...he has a hole in the upper ventricle connection top chamber,
but no blood leakage.
7. All normal male chromasones
8. IGF-1....17 hormone level low, but still within range
9. Calcium deposit on teeth is very thick.
10. Poor muscle tone
11. The doctors note hip trouble, but have not been specific.
12. He has trouble focusing both eyes on an object.
13. Balance unstable...he falls a lot.
14. He has a high tolerance for pain
15. Shakes his head a lot
16. Servere eczema
17. Chronic ear, eye, nasal, and respitory infections.
18. Sleep pattern..wakes a lot through the night, rarely takes naps.
19. He has only grown 2 & 1/4 inches since age 9 months.
20. he has large protruding ears
21. One eye tends to cross when trying to focus...
22. His mother was told by one doctor that Christopher may have water on
his brain.Negative brain MRI (at 17 months)
23. Bone age test was done at 17 months of age said bones were 6 months old.
Test was done only by right hand x-rax.

Christopher's measurements,
33.5 inches long, head to right leg
32.25 inches long, head to left leg.

If anyone has any ideas on what could be wrong with this child, or any doctors are interested in seeing his medical records...please contact via email to:

Message from Chastity: I dont know Christopher nor his mother, but I do know a friend of theirs who asked for help with this...I just want to wish Christopher and his family all the best and I hope this page is of some help and maybe someone reading this knows of anything that will help find what Christopher's family is seeking...good luck...,and Christopher....I think your a beautiful and brave little man!

Anyone who would like to help out by linking this page to their own HP.....please feel free to do so...who could be your page that helps makes a little life a bit easier and create a better chance of some type of peace of mind for Christophers family and himself....and if you do link up...let me know who you are as I am sure Christophers family would like to know...
mail me or Christopher's family at this address

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Chas butting in again...if everyone signing this guestbook with Homepages made a link to this page, it would increase the coverage of Christopher's anyone willing to do so, it would be appreciated..and of no expense or server space to you..just a link..and please let us know who you are.

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